Denver Roofers Discuss: The Impact of Climate Change on Roofing Materials and Design

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Denver, Colorado, offers a wide range of natural landscapes, which remain a significant pull on residents, providing recreation, exploration, and continued options for adventure.

However, the environmental impact of our changing climate has been seen through continued exposure to warming temperatures, which have created a chain reaction in weather patterns.

This shift and climate change throughout the Mile High City is forcing home and business owners to reexamine how they live their lives, conduct their businesses, and preserve their properties and roofing materials!

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Climate Change Directly Affects Weather Patterns, Which Denver Roofs Remain Exposed To

Commercial and residential roofing structures are consistently exposed to all the world’s natural elements as they provide a barrier and form of security every day.

However, with the rise of greenhouse gas emissions and the notorious urban heat island effect throughout downtown Denver, climate change has to be considered when formulating roofing materials now and in the coming days.

Seeing extreme heat, cold, snow, and hail all contribute to how roof construction evolves with local roofing professionals.

Extreme Weather Events Have Grown More Frequent

So, what exactly is happening with the weather negatively impacting roofing material across Colorado?

If you are already living here, you may have experienced feet of snow in the middle of May or April, hail storms that come down with a vengeance, and the dry heat that sets in throughout the summer months.

The effects of fossil fuels are prevalent and difficult to ignore.

Homeowners and business owners throughout Denver are now forced to take on all of the responsibilities that come with adapting to these new conditions, alongside maintaining their properties.

Without the appropriate roofing materials going forward, your current roofing system may not suffice throughout its lifetime!

Denver’s Rising Temperatures Grow Louder

Extreme temperatures continue to plague our surroundings with increased energy costs from running your air conditioning due to a lack of proper insulation.

This is expected to persist and perhaps continue to worsen in the upcoming years.

And with energy consumption continuing at its current rate, this will only continue the cycle, further perpetuating the impact of climate change and harsher temperatures!

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UV Rays See More Opportunities to Reach the Environment

Roofing systems are already vulnerable when living a mile closer to the sun’s rays.

Nowadays, the Earth’s ozone layers are ever further deteriorating, and while there are many efforts to stop this from continuing, it remains a prevalent concern for Denver residents.

With a thinner ozone layer, the UV rays emitted from the sun are more robust and at a greater risk of creating some severe damage, fading, and cracking of roofing material.

Rain, Hail, and Snow Can Cause Drama for Your Roofing Systems

With all the extreme weather events that take place in Colorado, hail damage is one of the most common.

It seems to many that the size of hail keeps getting more extensive, which is one of the many effects of climate change on roofing.

Severe storms, heavy snow, and other harsh weather conditions are sweeping through the front range as more extreme than ever.

This weather, coupled with temperature extremes, was a catalyst for many of the phone calls to a local roofing company for repairs and replacements.

Adaptations Taken with Modern Roofing Materials in Denver

With so many extreme weather events and environmental transformations due to climate change in Denver, residents and business owners are willing to do just about anything they can to avoid the next batch of roof repairs.

Clients are looking past traditional roofing materials and turning to licensed professionals to avoid potential structural damage in these urban areas.

Regular roof inspections have increased alongside the need for regular maintenance because Denver roofing structures are constantly exposed to these conditions and the new challenges posed by climate change.

Colorado Clients Are Looking Past Previously Traditional Roofing Materials

With the shifts taking place in society due to climate change, people are taking a closer look at their roofing material options for residential and commercial roofs in the Mile High.

There has recently been considerable interest in metal roofs due to their durable and sustainable qualities, and many are seeking the following characteristics:

  • Durable roofing material that can withstand crazy weather patterns and storms.
  • Longevity will be a point of concern. Users will require components that will withstand the expected side effects of climate change on roofing.
  • Smart technologies offer more convenient means of fixing problems, energy efficiency, and everyday protection.

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Asphalt Shingles are Losing Grip

While asphalt shingles offer households throughout Colorado a legitimate roofing structure, impact-resistant shingles are now available to remain flexible in severe weather events.

These materials offer wind resistance and strength against hail storms and will become the more popular option for Coloradans.

Energy Efficiency Roofing Materials Has Become a Priority

It’s difficult to be frustrated with climate change without finding your place in the solution.

Energy efficiency will become another one of homeowners’ most significant priorities when seeking roofing solutions.

There are many benefits of sustainable roofing materials, and in focusing on structures that promote energy efficiency, property owners will lower their energy consumption and engage in innovative options aside from more traditional materials.

Green Roofs Offer Practical Options to Denver Homeowners

Green roofs supply locals with accessible, energy-efficient roofing materials that help reduce heat absorption but still remain durable in extreme weather conditions.

They are a fabulous option as the city moves towards more green options that benefit their local communities, the city, and, inevitably, the larger spaces.

Efficient Drainage Options for New or Existing Roofs

Drainage is another lingering issue that Denverites will have to worry about due to the changes in precipitation.

Natural drainage systems like green roofs will become more commonplace and even necessary for roofing systems.

Climate-Responsive Roofing Materials are the Future

Unlike traditional materials previously used as the typical roofing material options, things will be moving towards combating the environmental conditions.

Heat transfer, reflecting sunlight, and high temperatures are expected to continue, so your roof must stand up against these elements.

Cool Roofing Materials Offer Solutions

Cool roofs and reflective coatings are great for heat waves and solar radiation, which Coloradans are bound to experience.

This can help resist heat absorption and collection of heat and reduce the chance of increased energy consumption.

Lighter-colored roofs are a great compromise if you aren’t interested in installing a cool roofing structure.

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Durable Materials are the Go-To Choice as an Impact of Climate Change

All of these options are being explored out of necessity.

From storm-proofing your roof to securing impact-resistant materials, locating durable and continuously evolving options is the goal.

This is easiest to do with the support of roofing professionals in Denver!

Secure a Sustainable Future for Your Property with the Right Roofing Materials

We can expect self-repairing and even smarter, more innovative roofing materials in the future as researchers in the roofing industry continue to develop advancements that can provide solutions.

Climate change and environmental impact will always remain prevalent factors in how new, sustainable roofing materials are developed and installed.

If you want to learn more about how to protect your roof from rising temperatures and extreme weather, contact our roofing company in Denver, CO, to consult with local, licensed experts on the future of your residential or commercial property!

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