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Preparing for a New Commercial Roofing System

Living and working on the lovely Colorado Front Range offers a beautiful lifestyle, and operating a business in the Mile High State allows you to share your products, goods, and services with the rest of the community.

Overseeing your commercial roofing and property in the Denver metro area is all a part of being a responsible business owner.

Still, many outside factors can influence the quality of your roof and materials.

Having a commercial roofing system that is practical, elevates your curb appeal, and functional is a pivotal component to keeping operations smooth, employees in a fulfilling work environment, and customers safe.

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Bringing In Commercial Roofing Services for the Build

If you have set out to find a roofer in your neighborhood for a new commercial roofing structure, remaining vigilant and conscious of the details is critical.

Commercial roofs are a significant investment, but when working with reputable roofing services, you can achieve an upgraded property that meets state code requirements and supplies multiple layers of protection for your building.

Denver Roofing is a highly experienced, licensed commercial roof replacement company, and we are devoted to supporting other businesses throughout the Centennial State!

Securing the Right Roofing Contractor for Your Business’s Roof

The Denver metroplex wouldn’t be the unique and eclectic community it is today, with local businesses and commercial roofing companies being one of the more prominent elements in keeping those properties up and running.

If you are contemplating a commercial roof replacement in the near future, choosing the right contractor to secure newly improved roofing systems can increase durability, create more energy-efficient spaces, help you save money, and boost your overall curb appeal to customers, too!

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Commercial Roof Replacements are a Group Effort

Whether you are sick of asphalt shingles, have a half-functioning gutter system, or have experienced continuous issues with your commercial roof, making the replacement is a responsible decision.

You are in complete control of the procedures, but you are not likely a person or business that has the background in how to install a commercial roof, which is why working with trustworthy experts is vital to the project’s success.

At Denver Roofing, our commercial roofing contractors work with all of the following roof types:

  • Built-Up Roofing System or Built-Up Bituminous Roofing.
  • PVC & TPO Roofs.
  • Single Ply Roof Systems.
  • Metal roofs.
  • Sloped roofs.
  • Flat roofs.
  • EPDM Commercial Roofing.
  • Green Roofing Systems, and more.

Building a New Roof for a Successful Workplace

Your commercial roofing systems can advance the functionality and aesthetics of your workplace, and a full replacement may seem intimidating.

Still, the benefits far outweigh any additional costs it brings to your monthly budget.

If you are ready for a commercial roof replacement in Denver, call on the pros at Denver Roofing for a free inspection and estimate for average costs.

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Things to Consider Prior to Installing a New Commercial Roof

Before high winds and storms blow in, get ahead of your property’s stability and consider the following if you are installing commercial roofing systems:

  • Building Safety: Ask your commercial roofing company what you need in a roof and how it will protect your commercial building and everyone who accesses it.
  • Materials: Not every commercial roof can utilize PVC or a built-up roofing system; reviewing the materials with a commercial roof replacement professional offers peace of mind with your choices.
  • Warranty Options: New installation should always bring warranty options, from standard to extended. Discussing your options before the service provides an added layer of defense for your business.
  • Budget: Evaluate labor costs, material prices, and the total square footage of your roof.
What is the Usual Lifespan of A Commercial Roof?

Most commercial roofs in the Denver Metro Area will last approximately 20 to 40 years, but some metal roofs will surpass 50 years!

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Not All Commercial Roofs Are Created Equally

Commercial roof types can vary, and although commercial flat roofs are typical, you need to assess the structure, style, and appearance you are hoping for, as well as the materials that will be best suited for your commercial roofing replacement.

There is not one approach that will work for everyone because a local dentist’s office has different uses for their commercial building than a moving company would for their warehouse.

How Long Will My Commercial Roof Replacement Take?

Things can vary from the time of your initial estimate appointment with commercial roof replacement companies to the completion point.

You must account for the planning, ordering, proposal, permitting process, and physical installation.

This can take 1 to 2 months, but the installation procedures should only last about 1 to 3 weeks!

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Types of Roofing Materials for Commercial Property Owners in Denver

Taking a closer look at the possibilities for your roofing materials is essential when working on a flat roof or sloped roof.

The style will make a difference, and the total square foot of the project will change the outcome of your pricing, but those materials create a barrier for your business.

The metal roof installers at Denver Roofing are Colorado’s finest commercial roofing company and will offer our expert opinion to elevate your commercial building and business.

What is the Best Time of Year to Complete a Roofing Project?

Fall is usually the best season to install a new roof for your business, and the same goes for residential housing.

This keeps things at a mild temperature during installation, will ensure it is safe for sealing or coating, and will prepare your roof for the UV rays of summer and snow in the winter ahead!

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Preventative Maintenance May Save Your Commercial Roof

Making an investment in your commercial roofing structure needs to be supported through routine maintenance.

Most roofing companies will offer those services following installation alongside general repairs, but staying involved with the upkeep is extremely important.

Denver Roofing supplies superior Denver roof repair and maintenance options for your roofing materials to ensure you can keep your property in the best condition throughout the decades!

How to Know When New Roofing Systems Are Necessary

Aren’t sure if you need to contact the best roofers in Denver for roof replacement?

It can be a difficult decision, but there are many evident signs that your roof is ready for something new!

Your Roof Structure is Old

Every roof has a projected lifespan, and if yours has surpassed its time serving the building, it is likely the right time to start shopping for something new.

Plus, an old roof will not offer the resistance you need, especially for commercial properties.

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Chronic Issues are Disrupting Your Business & Causing Mounting Repair Costs

Damage and repairs will occur, and there is no way around accidents happening, but when you are constantly on the phone with your local roof repair company, you may want to think twice about making more repairs.

You are investing in the structure either way and once you install something new, your possibilities are endless!

There is Visible Damage to Your Roof System

The sun in Colorado is much closer to our everyday environments, and unlike other states across the country, it is easier for roof damage to occur quickly because of it.

The same goes for the snow we receive and the high winds that will come rolling through the hills and the plains.

If your roof shows signs of being worn out, it is trying to tell you it is worn out!

Your Roof’s Aesthetics Don’t Fit Your Brand

Lastly, there comes a time for every business owner to evaluate how their physical location influences their brand or the image they are projecting to their customers.

If your roof doesn’t fit the bill, then contact Denver Roofing to head back to the drawing board and construct something brand new!

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Should I be Investing in roof Replacement or Repairs with my roofing Contractor?

Deciphering between repairs and replacement is where people will sit in limbo for many years.

And when you do that, you may spend as much money on repairs as possible for a simple replacement!

Evaluating every detail with a professional roof inspection and roof estimate cost will offer a much better idea of how to proceed.

Improve & Customize Your Commercial Building with a New Roof

Roof replacements can offer your workspace or commercial building a whole new life.

But when you are ready to take the leap, don’t just book with the first roofing company that comes along – stick with local roofers who know the neighborhood and understand commercial businesses in Denver.

Call Denver Roofing for Your Free Roof Inspection

Denver Roofing is a licensed, bonded, and insured company based in Colorado, offering commercial and residential roof replacements, repairs, maintenance, and other specialty services.

Our roofers offer a free inspection, quote, and complete consultation to review all the options available to your business.

As commercial roofers who care, our client’s satisfaction and safety are our first priorities!

What Our Customers Think About Our Commercial Roof Replacements

Sue C.Top Rated Commercial Roofers in Denver!

“Running a restaurant is the central focus of my life, so when I started to search for a legitimate roof replacement company, I wanted to work with Denver roofers who kept my business’s best interest in mind.

After researching our building type, roofing needs, and possible roofing companies, I hired Denver Roofing.

My commercial roof replacement is one of the best investments I have ever made in my business, and I could not be more excited about the work they provided.

I will continue working with this company for any future repairs or maintenance efforts I need!” – Sue C.

Renee G.Re-Roofing Apartment Complexes in Lakewood, CO

“Our apartment complex in Lakewood had a somewhat aged and even fading commercial roof.

The building owners had initially suggested re-roofing everything, but after we consulted with Denver Roofing, we had an official quote for roof replacement.

The entire project took under a week; they offered fantastic warranty options and worked tirelessly to ensure the end result was nothing short of astonishing!” – Renee G.

Raymond N.The Best Commercial Roofing Services in Aurora!

“As a real estate office in Aurora, we had always been interested in switching to metal roofs.

Our office knows how they can benefit residential homes, so why not install metal roofing for our business?

Our existing roof didn’t complement the building, so we moved forward with a free quote from Denver Roofing.

Their roofers supplied an excellent overall price, provided a project manager to oversee the process, and provided a finished roof that transformed our business!” – Raymond N.

Fred S.Excellent Commercial Roof Replacement in DTC!

“Overseeing our commercial property in DTC is one of the many responsibilities I have daily.

It became increasingly apparent that we would need to change our existing roof as it had a proven track record of causing issues, especially in extreme weather and snow.

Another company we often work with suggested Denver Roofing, so I reached out for a free estimate.

They arrived early to our scheduled appointment, made speedy repairs, and made suggestions for our next roofing materials. Now we can feel comfortable through our regular working hours.

If you operate commercial buildings, I would highly suggest working with them for repairs or replacement of your roofing system.” – Fred S.

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