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Recruiting Reliable Commercial Roofing Services in Denver, CO

Operating any kind of business always comes with a busy schedule, constant things on your to-do list, and the company’s success on your shoulders.

While this is a lot of pressure and responsibility for Denverites, when you have to deal with the added stressors of building and roof repairs on top of that – things can quickly feel overwhelming.

However, there are plenty of options for certified roof repair and reputable commercial roofing services in the Mile High City and surrounding suburban spaces.

Request & Analyze your Free Quote Carefully

Whether you are considering re-roofing or need less significant repair work completed, turning to local Denver commercial roofing is the answer to all your problems.

Your roofers will inspect the commercial property, review all the details, and offer a free quote outlining your costs for the service required.

While they are lending their expertise for the future of your business, you can consult with more than one roofing option and compare estimates before proceeding with the job.

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Commercial Building Owners are Entitled to Free Inspections with Denver’s Leading Roof Repair Company

We are a licensed and insured roofing company in Denver, CO, offering a stress-free roof estimate on roof repair, replacement, and maintenance service needs.

Our commercial roofing operations are dedicated to helping other local businesses throughout Colorado with free inspections for any of your roof projects!

What is the Difference Between a Roofer and a Carpenter in Colorado?

Some people will refer to different contractors to perform their repair service, but when you need help with a commercial roof, a carpenter is not the first person to call.

Carpenters are typically builders but do not specialize in commercial roofing like legitimate roofers.

With our skilled Denver roofers, you will receive a knowledgeable project manager to assist with getting your shingles replaced, repairs for hail damage, or any kind of restorative project necessary!

Common Problems Businesses Experience with Commercial Roofs in Denver, CO

Your roofing stands between the interiors of your building or house and the natural world.

With commercial businesses, having suitable roofing materials, reliable repair options from commercial roofers, and access to easy roof replacement solutions are vital to general functions and typical operations.

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Do You Need Commercial Roofing Repairs?

When running a small or larger company, things can be hard enough, so having a secure roof above everyone’s heads is a basic necessity.

If you aren’t familiar with roofing problems when considering a new roof and the logistics that circulate commercial roofing, that isn’t your job title anyway.

No matter what kind of roofing materials you use, Denver Roofing is your go-to contact for any commercial roof repairs!

Our experts work with all the following roofing materials:

  • Metal roofing.
  • Built-up roofing.
  • EPDM roof membrane.
  • PVC & TPO roofing membrane.
  • Shingle roofing options.
  • Eco and solar roofing, etc.

Roofing Companies Who Previously Provided Poor Installation

If you didn’t enlist the best roofing company in Denver, CO, to install your roof materials and shingles from the start, it is highly possible the initial installation is to blame.

When your commercial roofing is not correctly installed, you will need a roof replacement sooner, and the structure is more prone to the need for frequent repairs.

Insufficient Roofing Materials

Commercial roofing is complex, and there isn’t one material that is right for everyone.

Restaurants are exposed to more heat internally; office buildings may require more warmth year-round to keep employees comfortable, etc.

If your building doesn’t have the proper materials, it will wear down quicker and be vulnerable when exposed to the elements.

Working with our roofing contractor in Colorado Springs, we can easily evaluate the best substances for your commercial roof and upgrade when you are ready!

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Standing Water On Your Roofing System

Flat commercial roofing is especially unprotected from dirt, debris, and water build-up, even with a reliable gutter and drainage system.

While all roofs can be vulnerable to these issues, any kind of standing water accumulating on your roof can cause damage, and calling in roofing companies for inspection should be done as soon as possible.

Punctures & Roof Leaks Negatively Affecting Your Commercial Property

Leaky commercial roofing can seriously interfere with your business; punctures can easily happen with single-ply style roofs, but when dealing with this kind of damage, it can quickly rise to the level of emergency.

Don’t immediately assume that you will need to get together roof replacement cost because a reputable commercial roofing company will offer thorough inspections and resolutions for your company!

Flashing Damage repair

Flashing Damage

Roof flashing helps to deter water from finding its way into your seams and joints, and when this becomes damaged in any way – it can cause leaking into your building, under your roof, or within the attic area.

This is not simple to diagnose for the average commercial property owner; however, an affordable roofing company can provide efficient repair solutions because you have many more important things to worry about!

Is it Time to Contemplate Roof Replacement?

Installation service can significantly elevate your property, but roof replacement is not always a simple decision to make.

It isn’t always obvious when you should make a replacement, but there are some significant signs to look out for:

  • Know your roof’s age. Different materials will qualify for different lifespans, but most commercial roofing should last anywhere from 20 to 50 years, with metal and steel-reinforced roofing pushing past the 50-year mark!
  • Poor drainage and pooling water may signal that you must also reassess your roofing style, structure, and gutters.
  • If there are large holes or tears within your roofing membrane, most people will contact the pros for repairs, but sometimes the costs outweigh repair options, and replacement is required.
  • When you aren’t satisfied with your roof’s appearance, or you are renovating other parts of your property, it may be time to consider following through with new installation!

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Securing a New Roof Through a Quality Roofing Company in Denver, Colorado

When you decide to install a new roof, hiring an elite roofing contractor who can complete work for commercial properties is half the battle.

After all, improper installation is one of the leading causes of roof damage, repairs, and early replacements.

You should always feel comfortable with your roofers, be able to verify their licensing, previous reviews, and experience, and obtain a physical estimate of the projected expenses for your upcoming project.

Will Re-Roofing Come with a Warranty?

If you are committing to re-roofing your commercial property versus replacement, the project may or may not be under warranty.

There are different types of warranties available, which should always be discussed before install with your roofing companies:

  • Manufacturers warranties for the purchase itself.
  • Workmanship warranties for the labor.
  • Extended warranties are also available to cover both materials and labor!

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Continued Care & Maintenance of Your Commercial Buildings in Colorado Springs & the Denver, CO Metro Area

Don’t neglect your roof after all your shiny new repairs or even brand-new replacements.

Maintenance is required for nearly every aspect of your business; be sure to remain in contact with your roofers for follow-up inspections twice annually!

Are Flat Roof Coating Services Right for My Commercial Property?

There are many ways to perform general maintenance service options for your commercial roofing needs, but coating is a great way to protect your property proactively. A roof coating project is highly beneficial.

Roof coatings can actually help to deflect sunlight, and operating a professional business in Colorado means sitting a mile closer to it. This will keep your commercial roof and building cool!

Investing in roof coatings will help you save money on roof repairs that otherwise could have been avoided.

Roof coatings make your roof more durable as they protect everything that lies underneath and prevent water or moisture from leaking through.

Don’t Let Your Business Fall Behind Due to Roofing Damage

Messing around with roofing repairs is the last thing any busy business owner needs.

That is why leaving things up to licensed, professional commercial and residential roofing experts can make your job easier and upgrade your property to exhibit the standards you want the world and your customers to see.

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Find the Best Solution with Denver Roofing

When you have local roofers at your side, you have nothing to fear!

Contact Denver Roofing for a professional, free quote today.

Protect your business from roof damage, take action when repairs are needed, and even consider a new roof when the time is right!

What Our Clients Have to Say About Their Commercial Roof Repair Solutions

Olivia N.Storm Damage to Commercial Roof in Denver, CO

“When disaster strikes, our business is usually capable of dealing with things due to our industry experience, but the facility managers didn’t have experience fixing our roof after extreme weather.

Denver Roofing & Construction is a local roofing company we have been working with since the start of our business, and just as always, their team came to the rescue.

I use their services for my commercial and residential roofing needs!”

– Olivia N.

Andy C.Commercial Buildings and Roofing Needed to be Restored

“Our roofing system has had multiple issues and damages and didn’t look presentable.

We had initially contacted Interstate Roofing, but they could not get to our building in a timely manner, so we turned to Denver Roofing & Construction.

Their project managers provided a free quote and multiple solutions for your roof repair needs!

Now everything is back to normal, and we have a local commercial roof company to rely on!” – Andy C.

Austin T.Best Roof Repair & Maintenance in Colorado Springs!

“I work in the retail industry, so how customers perceive my commercial property is highly important.

We have to prioritize all of our roofing projects to keep a space that brings customers in, so having a local roof repair company we can trust is essential.

We did some research into roofing services in the area, completed a consultation with Denver Roofing & Construction, and proceeded with minor roof repairs for our roofing system alongside continued maintenance options.

They stand out in the crown against other roofing companies in Colorado, offer professional solutions and expertise for our continued safety, and did an excellent job!” – Austin T.

Taylor S.Outstanding Apartment Complexes Repair!

“Dealing with a flat roof in Denver, CO, can make things difficult, especially when there is snow, hail, and rain because drainage is an issue with our commercial roofs.

Since we are interacting with renters as customers, we have to ensure that access to roofing services is always accessible and keeps the property functioning properly.

With Denver Roofing & Construction, their team of Colorado specialists has us covered!

Whenever there are issues with our building is undergoing issues, their team is there to inspect and repair everything quickly.

If you need a reputable roofer in Colorado, I highly recommend their services for your house or business!” – Taylor S.

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