Denver Roofers Discuss Storm-Proofing Your Roof: Preparation and Recovery Tips

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Roof Repairs and Replacement in Denver

When a thunderstorm hits Denver, it can result in severe damage, especially to your home’s roof. Storm damage may cause your roof to fail and lead to substantial leaks, water damage, and several other problems.

It must be taken care of immediately to protect your property and restore your home back to its pre-storm condition. There are crucial preventive measures that should be followed should your Denver home’s roof sustain any storm damage.

Denver Roofing: Local Roofing Contractor Specializes in Roof Repair & Roof Replacement

With a team of Roof Replacement Experts who can assist with all kinds of roofing problems, Denver Roofing & Construction is a professional Denver Roofing company that you can trust—keeping costs down and delivering professional results.

storm damage iconUnderstanding Storm Roofers: Who They Are and What They Do

We often forget that our roofs are essential to our homes until we face a storm. Suddenly, the significance of roof repairs or hiring a storm roofing contractor becomes clear.

Roof Solutions comes from working with hard-working, reliable local companies like us.

The Role of Storm Roofers

Storm roofers will help protect your roof, particularly during severe weather conditions. High winds, heavy rainfalls, and rips can damage your roof’s shingles, further damaging the roof’s infrastructure.

Our team can offer you everything you need to know About Denver Roofing.

king of storm preparations

Storm Roofers Have Mastered These Techniques

Storm roofers can identify and repair the damage caused by storms, from leaks to mold to flashing issues.

The roofers perform a comprehensive inspection and assessment to find out the extent to which repairs will be necessary. If the repairs seem too substantial, it may be more cost-effective to simply replace the roof rather than work on repair elements.

The Expertise of Storm Roofers in Handling Storm Damage

Storm roofers have unique abilities. The knowledge of roof damage goes beyond repair or replacement. They can detect signs of water damage, spotting in your attic, potentially mold growth, and handling water on a flat roof that could deteriorate the integrity of the shingles throughout winter.

Insurance Problems

Storm roofers also know your insurance provider’s claims procedures and can help prepare a report. Their damage assessment can help expedite your claim process and ensure the damage is adequately remediated.

storm services iconServices for Storm Damage Protection and Roof Replacement

Working to fix roofing problems can protect you from further storm damage.

Roofing restoration services aim to repair or replace roof surfaces affected by hail damage, tree branches, high temperatures, or dangerous winds.

The goal is always to provide quick and complete repair services so the structure remains weatherproof as it is built correctly throughout the year.

Commercial Roof Repairs are also available to those in need.

Schedule a Professional Roof Inspection

The experienced professionals at Denver Roofing & Construction can assess the scope of damage to the roof and uncover any underlying causes or unexpected consequences of the damage.

Our experience guarantees a thorough treatment of your roof and all hidden damages and damage incurred.

Comprehensive and Professional Reports

Our Professional Roof Inspections will offer a comprehensive report covering all vulnerable areas, the costs of possibly repairing, future leaks, and preventative measures to ensure the safety of your roof further.

roof insurance in denver colorado

roof insurance details iconSecuring Support From Your Insurance Company

One of the most important things to do upon sustaining roof damage is immediately contacting your insurance provider. Understanding Roof Anatomy also certainly doesn’t hurt.

Depending on how your roofing damage occurred, your insurance provider should offer financial compensation and coverage.

While the insurance company may not necessarily cover all damages or preventive measures, any damage incurred due to weather or sudden accident will be covered.

Documenting All Storm Damage

This is why it is essential to document any damages to your roof with photographs. It makes communication with your insurance company easier and ensures they are more likely to approve your claim for Storm Damage Repair.

Photographs and Notes

Documenting these issues also goes a long way toward showing them that this was not a result of your neglect, which could lead them to deny your claim.

Tips on How to Prepare Your Roof for a Storm

After storm clouds gather and winds start rolling, your roof becomes your only worry.

prepare your roof for stormYou Must Prepare for Storm Season to Keep Your Family Home Safe

Denver Roofing, a Denver storm roofer, offers advice on what is best to get installed properly to prepare your house’s roofing for an impending storm. For more Seasonal Roof Preparation Tips, click here.

Roof Storm Damage

A storm resulting from high winds is ordinary across Colorado. This happens when high-pressure systems create destructive winds with incredibly high wind speeds, especially on slopes in mountain ranges.

When storm damage occurs to your roof, water can likely penetrate your house, causing leaks inside.

Consequently, your roof will not preserve a residential or commercial property from the threat of future storms. For further Residential Roofing Services, read here!

Following a storm, you should consult a roofer to see if you have any damage.

This is another way to reduce roof damage and ensure you avoid further roofing damage in the future.

Hail Damaged Roofs

Denver, Colorado, is part of “Hail Alley,” stretching from Wyoming into Texas, receiving more hailstorms than others in the United States.

In the Denver metro area, the storms are less severe than in some places, but possible damage from hail is still a vital concern for Denver roofing and our Hail Damage Experts.

For Commercial Roofing Services in the Denver area, contact us today!

Removing Debris and Trimming Trees

Storm winds can turn discarded debris into dangerous projectiles that can cause severe roof damage.

In addition to cleaning the various roofing components of the home, you are more likely to reduce the risk of wind-related damage.

Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged gutters and down drains may cause major damage in a storm. If rainwater cannot be absorbed, it needs an easy route out of your roof.

Regular gutter cleaning is recommended to maintain the correct drain and prevent water damage.

damaged roof denver colorado

roof replacement iconConsidering Roof Replacement for Better Storm Protection

Sometimes, even with the best roofing company in Denver, replacing rather than repairing roofing makes more sense. If a roof is older and substantially damaged, repairing it risks incurring even greater damage in the future.

The Benefits of Sustainable Roofing are why roof replacement is often the better choice in such a scenario.

Roof Replacement vs. Roof Repairs: Pros and Cons

Replacing roofing has its own pros and cons, but it is undoubtedly a safer and more assured method. Our team also specializes in Commercial Roof Replacement.

Roof Replacement Pros

Experts say that one’s roof should be replaced every 20-25 years due to wear and tear. Roof replacement raises curb appeal and keeps your home safer for longer.

Roof Replacement Cons

Roof replacement is usually more costly than roof repairs or Roof Coating Solutions. But in the long run, one replacement charge will cost less than numerous charges.

clear roof plan coloradoSteering Clear of Roofing Scams

As with any business, for every legitimate team of storm roofers, there are also storm chasers or people looking to scam homeowners shortly after a bad storm.

What is a Storm Chaser?

Storm chasers are typically out-of-state contractor insurance companies that swoop on a storm to offer quick fixes that are simply shoddy quality and capitalize on others’ misfortunes.

How to Avoid Storm Chasers

Always ensure to check business licenses, insurance coverage, and references.

Look at their presence and reviews online. Any contractor who asks for money upfront before even conducting a property inspection should immediately raise red flags.

Hiring Local Contractors

If hiring contractors, ask for knowledge, qualifications, and quality materials used.

Ensure that the product is warranted for both the product and the artistry. Always contact different companies for affordable prices to compare.

beware of storm chasers

The Risks of Working with Storm Chasers

The job of storm chasers can cause a number of problems and headaches to property owners.

These contractors doing storm-related damage often employ poor-quality products or perform substandard works barely matched by standards and codes.

These scammers take no accountability for the roof’s poor craftsmanship or poor ventilation.

For more information on what materials are reliable for workers to work with, read the Guide to the Best Roofing Materials.

Storm Chasers Take Advantage of Those in Need

Tornado chasers often force homeowners to sign contracts in which they pocket their insurance and leave homeowners in limbo.

people asked about roofing coloradoPeople Also Ask

What is the best roof shape to combat Denver’s high winds?

A roof with multiple panels can help to prevent wind-related damage. To learn more about Pitched and Low-Slope Roofing, click here.

Can you tornado-proof a roof for future storms?

While there is no surefire way of tornado-proofing a roof, you can absolutely take preventative measures to minimize any damage caused by things like reinforced roofing layers, Metal Roofing Options, and more.

How long does it take a roof to dry after rain?

Between 24 and 72 hours.

How do I know if my roof in Denver has wind damage?

The roof needs maintenance if you see shingles fluttering in the breeze or during quiet weather. Contact Denver Roofers today!

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