Denver Roof Hail Damage

Shelter from a Hail Storm with Your Local Roofing Contractor

On the gorgeous Front Range of Colorado are some of the largest hail storms in the nation.

These storms are something that local roofers are highly familiar with as homes and businesses succumb to the cracked shingles, water leaks, and other forms of general storm damage that occur to roofs across the Denver area.

Roof hail damage can put a real damper on your life, your household, and your business.

However, there are means of prevention, roofing specialists to pick you up from the storm, and ways to move forward regardless of the environment in which your property is based.

damaged shingles after hail storm

How Hail Storms Can Cause Damage to Your Roof

Roofing companies across the Denver Metro area have seen residents resort to installing a new roof and suffer from broken windows, clogged gutters, downspouts, etc.

Hail size, roof materials, and wind direction all contribute to the kind of shingle damage that may occur to your roof.

Denver Roofing is a locally owned and family-operated roof contractor in Denver.

Our roofers are highly experienced, licensed, insured, and accredited through the Colorado Roofing Association.

Because not all hail damage is something you can see with the naked eye, knowing what to look for can help when a storm rolls in.

Before you contact your home insurance company, look at the following:

  • Cracked asphalt shingles or general shingle damage.
  • Granule loss.
  • Roof leaks.
  • Exposed fiberglass mat.
  • Weakened seals.
  • Dents.
  • Water damage to your roof.
  • Hail damage can also cause roof leaks.

storms in colorado

Where Do the Most Hail Storms Occur in Colorado?

Your asphalt shingles are the most exposed to hail damage and a hail storm if you live on the Front Range, extending from Fort Collins to Denver.

The area is almost a target, sitting right in the middle of everything and out in the open for hail to fall.

The Eastern range of Colorado also sees a lot of emergency roof repair due to hail damage and the Rocky Mountain region.

Identifying a Hail-Damaged Roof from the Safety of the Ground

It is unsafe to climb onto your roof and attempt to complete your own inspection for a hail-damaged roof.

Home and business owners may feel the urge to get things done themselves so they can take photos and ship them to their insurance company.

However, contacting a local roofing contractor is the safest way to confirm roof hail damage and proceed with roof repair or possible replacement.

If you are interested in assessing things from the safety of the ground, look for the following signs of roof damage:

  • Check your gutters and downspouts for dents.
  • Review your garage door for any denting or noticeable damages.
  • Look for cosmetic damage to your AC unit, mailbox, grill, or even your car if it is typically parked outside.

Working with a business certified by the National Roofing Contractors Association for your roof inspection in Denver is generally a good idea.

We are local, licensed, and insured roofing experts providing free inspections when you experience damage to your roof or need help with installation or replacement costs and general maintenance.

largest hail in denver co

How Large Does Hail Need to Be to Cause Legitimate Roof Damage?

Any hail storm that is bringing down hail that is around 1 inch in diameter can cause significant damage to your roof.

Even more minor hail can cause serious issues when combined with wind damage – when combined, these are a recipe for disaster whether you have asphalt shingles, wood shingles, clay, or tile for your roof.

When you experience hail damage, having your roof inspected by professionals is the next step to regaining your footing, filing an insurance claim with your insurance adjuster, and proceeding with roof repairs!

Roof Repairs or Roof Replacement After Hail & Storm Damages

Living in Colorado, residents are no strangers to high winds and storms, but your roof, gutters, and downspouts are necessarily armed for protective defense.

You don’t have to ask yourself, “Does hail damage directly affect me?”

Denverites should always be prepared for the possibility of roof hail damage and other storms.

In some cases where significant storms have occurred or over time when your roof has been through a multitude of them, full roof replacement may be the option to obtain a sustainable solution.

Denver Roofing has years of experience dealing with hail damage, roof repairs, and complete roof replacement!

after storm roof repair or replacement

Our roofers offer a free roof inspection and estimate to evaluate your projected replacement cost to avoid further damage and develop a safe and beautiful home for your family!

If roof replacement is something you are considering after hail damage, contact the finest metal roofing contractors in Denver!

Will I be Able to File an Insurance Claim for Hail Damage Roof Repair?

Nearly half of your insurance premium may go towards roof repairs or replacement options resulting from hail damage.

But filing your insurance claim and knowing how to handle things with your insurance company is the trick!

When dealing with roof storm damage and your home insurance agent, you can turn to reliable roofers in Denver for support.

Denver Roofing has experience filing an insurance claim for hail damage, and our staff can help walk you through the process!

roof repair insurance company

Contacting Your Insurance Company After Hail Hits

When you contact your insurance company after significant hail damage to your home and roof, things don’t always go as planned.

It is normal to worry about your impending roof replacement cost and how to file your insurance claim to get your repairs covered, but don’t neglect the support available to you.

Use Denver Roofing to your advantage, as our roofers are in your corner and constantly working against hail damage and general roof damage to ensure our clients have beautiful shingles, protective granules, quality roofing materials, and gutters!

Filing Within the Insurance Industry for Storm Damage Can be Confusing

Roofers in my area” is what you’ll be searching for when preparing to file an insurance claim for roofing damages.

The process can be tricky and confusing, especially after seeing impact marks on your commercial roof, missing shingles due to hail damage, or clogged gutters due to asphalt granules and debris.

Fighting an insurance claim can be frustrating, and some insurance adjusters will take advantage of their position, so teaming up with transparent insurance companies and roofing contractors is your most straightforward path to a successful process.

This will provide clarity throughout the process and allow you to communicate with honest representatives who keep your best interest in mind.

roof insurance specialist in denver

Wait Until Your Insurance Claims are Approved Before Moving Forward with a Professional Roofing Company

Hail damage can put people into a state of panic, but there are plenty of emergency roofers to provide a hand.

You need to request multiple inspections and estimates before deciding on one set roofing contractor for the job.

Denver Roofing provides residential and commercial clients with free roof inspections, full consultations, and affordable estimates without the customers having to sign anything!

Don’t ever sign your contract before the insurance claim is approved. Without that approval, your insurance company will not cover your hail damage repairs or full roof replacement.

Denver roof hail damage is unavoidable to a degree.

Still, with high-quality, suitable roofing materials and some of the best roofing companies in the Mile High State, you have a solid foundation for repairs or replacements.

tip about insurance adjuster

Your Insurance Adjuster Isn’t Always Right

Insurance adjusters don’t always come back with the right decision after having your roof inspected and submitting the necessary paperwork and documentation for your insurance claims.

Keep in mind you are dealing with other human beings who make human mistakes, and sometimes your claim will be denied for benign reasons.

If the first adjustor denies the claim, you still have the chance to file again with a second and even reach above their heads for a professional inspection through an engineer.

Your Denver roofing contractor should assist in this process, and while it may seem anxiety-inducing, we specialize in storm and hail damage roof repair and replacement.

Our mission is to lift up those in our community!

free hail and storm damage inspection

Request a Free Hail Damage Roof Inspection for Your Home or Business

Colorado is one of the top states in the nation making hail claims, so guard yourself, your home, and your business with regular roof inspections to avoid roof damage caused by the Colorado elements.

We are elite residential and commercial roofers supplying complimentary roof inspections and quotes for roof damage resulting from hail, rain, sleet, or snow!

Call Denver Roofing for the First Line of Defense Against Storm Damage & Hail Impacts

While roof hail damage is commonplace in the Centennial State, it doesn’t need to be something your roof suffers from.

Our professional roofing inspection services are meant to provide accessible solutions for clients, make filing those pesky insurance claims easier, and provide roof estimates that suit your budget.

Denver Roofing is working to supply the community with reputable solutions against hail and long-lasting, reliable roofing.

Customers with Hail Damage Tell Their Stories

Eric R.Upgrading Roofing Materials and Roof Shingles in Lakewood

“We have been living in the Lakewood area for over a decade, and our house is not brand new, nor is our roof, but it is home.

The roof has been subjected to severe wind and hail storm damage over the years and wasn’t looking too hot. We were fortunate to work with Denver’s professional roofing contractor.

Their team were experts on storm damage and general roof damage; they provided a fantastic quote and solved our decade-long roof problem.” – Eric R.

Carey T.Hail Damage Almost Ruined Our Denver Home and Roofing Systems

“Having wood shakes may seem outdated to some, but it fits our carriage-style house well.

Unfortunately, even smaller hail affected our roofing materials greatly, and the hail damage required a professional inspection.

Our neighbors suggested Denver Roofing and their roofing staff could schedule a free roof inspection quickly, examine the entire roof for hail damage alongside our vinyl siding, and provide the necessary repairs to restore our household and sense of comfort!” – Carey T.

Dave F.Installing a New Roof in Colorado Springs

“I was sick of my cracked shingles and wanted something new for my place. Denver Roofing is an experienced roofer, has an excellent reputation, and proceeded to prove that through action.

They lived up to their reputation and installed a brand-new metal roof in just a few days!

My roof replacement went smoothly, and now I can keep my family safe from leaks, damage, and instability within our home’s structure.” – Dave F.

Jim C.Preventative Roof Coating to Protect Against Any Big Storm on the Front Range

“I have spent my life on my business and with a commercial building with a flat roof; when golf ball size hail occurs in Colorado – the impact marks and possible damage can be detrimental.

After doing some research online, I located Denver Roofing, and I’m so glad to have worked with their services.

The crew was able to provide a professional roof analysis quickly and offered a reasonable quote that fit within the budget I was working with.

They are Colorado’s premiere roofing expert and supplied my roof with an excellent coating to defend from storms, snow, hail, and even the sun.” – Jim C.

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