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Professional Roof Inspections Personalized for Your Roofing Needs

A home’s or business’s roofing structure is essential to the stability of the space; it is the one piece of your home that offers legitimate shelter, privacy, and protection from the exterior environment.

While that surrounding environment is beautiful, your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, so you don’t have to encounter them.

To keep your property in good condition, your roofing system will require professional roof inspection services, but locating a roofing contractor that you can trust is a big part of securing legitimate inspections you can trust.

Denver Roofing is a leader in innovative roofing in Denver, roof inspections, repairs, replacements, and the continued care of our roofing material.

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Assessing Residential and Commercial Building Properties in Denver, CO

As a family-owned roofing company in the Mile High, our roofers know their way around different structures and offer various roofing services in Denver.

The roofing industry can feel like a large, complex community to take on, but whether you are searching for roof inspectors because of a current issue or are looking to upgrade to a more secure roof option – our roofing company offers total security for clients.

Denver Roofing provides free roof inspections for residential and commercial properties, regardless of roofing material, style, size, or needs!

What Our Roof Inspections Offer

When you request your free roof inspection with our licensed, HAAG-certified roof inspector, you can expect the following:

  • A roofing company that supplies a thorough roof inspection guarantees a more straightforward process with your insurance claim process!
  • There is no pressure to proceed with roof repairs or roof replacement for your residential and commercial buildings until your insurance adjuster approves your claim.
  • Moving past deductibles with no costly repairs or additional fees throughout your roofing project.
  • Our replacement and repair services save Denver homeowners money with upgraded roofing options, metal roofs, and resistant style shingles to get you through the Colorado winter, hail storm, or extreme weather without damages!

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Reputable Residential Roof Inspection Services

Securing the right local roofing services as your roof inspectors is one of the substantial parts of the process.

Ensuring that your roofing and siding companies have the proper roof certifications, are experienced in their craft, and aren’t charging an arm and leg to review your existing roof damage is another.

Denver Roofing has created a roof inspection process that offers a full review of the property, documents any possible strengths and weaknesses, and reviews your roof’s condition.

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Examining Potential Structural Issues

As a local roof inspector examining the possible need for roof repair and offering thorough roof inspection of any existing structural problem, it is easy to file a claim with your current home insurance company or simplify real estate transactions!

When you book your roof inspection with Denver Roofing, we will examine the following:

  • Roof leak issues: Roof leaks can occur after an extreme storm because rainwater or melted snow can eat away the roofing material. When this happens, roof shingles can begin to fall off, causing rain to seep into your home or business. Sometimes, a simple roof repair can help fix this issue; other times, full roof replacement is the better option.
  • Flashing condition: Flashing supports the roof seams and joints, and our roof inspection services will look closely at how yours is offering that support to the system. If your flashing is damaged, it can create gaps for water entry.
  • Ventilation problems: Temperature fluctuations in Colorado, heat, and moisture can seep down beneath your roof and throughout the attic area. The typical home or business owner cannot see these issues, and only a roof inspection from licensed specialists can unveil these issues. With poor ventilation comes worsened insulation.
  • Mold: With excessive water comes mold, quickly becoming a nightmare for Denver homeowners. This is a result of leaks that are not always something owners can see without a thorough roof inspection.

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Interior and Exterior Surveying

Most roofing companies will survey the outside of your roofing structure, but you must dig deeper when dealing with insurance adjusters. Our roof inspections look at both the inside and outside.

The roof inspection will always begin by examining the exterior for hail damage, general storm damage, and wear. Sometimes, this also unveils the need for a more detailed roof inspection of the interiors.

We are comprehensively surveying the area for any of the following:

  • Shingles, gutters, drainage, and flashing for anything out of the ordinary, missing parts, rust, or improper sealing.
  • Chimney cracks or damage.
  • Downspout damages.
  • Damaged roof siding.
  • Internal attic ventilation.
  • Chimney and skylight leaks.

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Reviewing Workmanship for Your Roofing System

When you inquire about free roof inspection, you expect the details of your roof to be uncovered, the things that you can’t get to or won’t typically see.

With our team’s roof inspection company in Denver, CO, we are focused on damages or anything that will get in the way of your family or employees’ continued protection.

Promoting feelings of safety and security is what we are passionate about, and unveiling the truth with our roof inspections provides clients peace of mind.

If you need a roof replacement – we want our customers to know and be aware of the dangers that are possibly right over their heads and how a new roof can provide safety and even upgrade the curb appeal of their properties.

We want our clients to feel at ease throughout the roofing project, as our roof inspector and a team of pros will get things done quickly and efficiently.

When we complete a roof certification – it is our priority to ensure that your realtor or insurance company knows the good working order of your roof and that it will last through the Colorado seasons and storms.

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Documentation & Reporting on Our Thorough Roof Inspection

If you have never gone through the roof inspection services, it can feel like a confusing process depending on the roof inspectors, and it can feel even more drawn out if you are up against an insurance company alone.

With Denver Roofing roof inspection solutions, you can access every point of documentation created for your review.

Roof inspections are a sort of investigation, after all, and reviewing the investigation details for the homeowner or insurance company is a critical step for all roof inspection services.

This is what makes our roof inspection options transparent: everything that we see, you see.

Home and business owners in Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, and surrounding spaces deserve to be involved with their roof inspection to see and understand the things they could not do otherwise.

Utilizing High-Quality Equipment to Inspect Residential and Commercial Buildings in Colorado

Our team uses cutting-edge tools throughout the roof inspection procedures for the project because not everything is seen with the human eye.

As we enter the interior of your interiors and the layers that fold into making a high-quality roof, our Fort Collins roofing contractors have different forms of roof inspection available to put our customers at ease.

  • Physical inspections: Most people have their roofs inspected traditionally when their roofers are physically on the roof reviewing every component of the structure.
  • Drone investigations: Drone cameras can provide a full-scale roof inspection at a different angle and perspective than our roofers and supply new information to contribute to your roofing report or roof certification.
  • Thermal camera imaging: This infrared-style roof inspection used thermal cameras to review moisture and heat.

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How Technology Influences Our Free Roof Inspection Procedures

Modern technologies have made residential and commercial roof inspection processes more accessible for both owners and roofing professionals.

New tools and equipment for roofing companies to use for everyday inspection continue to be developed, making the process more manageable, helping roofers dig deeper into the details, and making everything more efficient!

How Often Should I Schedule Professional Roof Inspection Services in Denver, CO?

Denverites should plan on reaching out for a roof inspection at least once yearly unless they are worried about the current storm or hail damage.

Usually, this roof inspection should be used in tandem with any repair or maintenance services required for your roof materials.

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Analyzing All Different Roofing Systems & Types in Denver, CO

Our clients frequently rely on our complimentary roof inspection solutions following roof damage, storm, or hail damage.

Our goal is to provide a specialized roofing staff that has developed a remarkable reputation throughout the Denver area due to our dedication to these inspections, repairs, replacements, and maintenance needs.

Our crew works with all different styles and materials of roofs; we have a wide range of experience and are constantly reaching a mile higher to identify problems within our customers’ roofing systems and provide simple resolutions.

Metal Roofing Materials

Metal roofing has become highly popular throughout Colorado and remains the go-to choice for a durable, long-lasting, and impact-resistant option for your home or business.

However, a roof inspection for metal roofing options differs from how you would treat and inspect asphalt, clay, or other substances.

Have Your Wood Roof Inspected

Wood roofs are classic options and still remain on many roofs throughout Colorado. They are very vulnerable to cracking and breaking, so our roofing experts will review your wood shake to ensure everything is in good working order.

Tile Roofing Inspection

For a tile-style roof inspection, our crew will also watch for any cracked, broken, or damaged clay or concrete tiles. When these kinds of roofs are exposed to heavy rain, hail, and lightning, breakage happens quickly.

Asphalt Roof Inspections

While a metal roof is the most popular form for residents and business owners seeking a new roof, asphalt roofs remain the most widely used roofing style in Denver and throughout the country.

With asphalt roofing, granule loss is a typical result of storm damage and exposure to Colorado elements, and this can be pushed off your roof into your gutters and drainage systems, causing clogs, but our roofing specialists can catch that before it becomes a costly repair!

Evaluating Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are typical of commercial buildings, but Denver Roofing is a commercial inspection, repair, and replacement expert!

Our team of Denver roofers will complete a thorough roof inspection of your roofing to ensure there are no significant punctures, damage, or tears within the structure.

Free Roof Inspections After Storm Damage

Denver Roofing prides itself on being a locally owned business and the best roofing company near you, which offers emergency storm and hail damage inspections.

These inspections will review the following for our roofing system:

  • Extreme rain and thunderstorm damage.
  • Roof leaks.
  • Hail damage.
  • Missing or loose shingles.
  • Granule loss, build-up, or clogged gutters.
  • Ice formations and dams.
  • Tree or debris damages.
  • Flashing damage, and anything that affects the security of your roof.

Proceeding with Roof Repairs with Our Denver Residential Roofing Company

Following storm or hail damage, roof repair is often necessary to prevent roof leaks.

You have found the right company to assist in minor or more significant roof repair projects, as Denver Roofing is committed to offering seamless commercial and residential repairs!

How Much Does Residential and Commercial Roof Inspection Cost?

While Denver Roofing provides free roof inspections as a licensed roofing contractor and HAAG-certified roof inspector, not everyone in the roofing industry provides complementary assessments.

Some businesses will charge anywhere from $75-$200 for traditional roof inspections and up to $450 for commercial roof inspections.

Elite Roofing Contractors for Roof Replacement

When that major winter storm rolls in, and the melting snow has finally worn your roof in, a roof replacement may be in order – even though it feels like a massive undertaking.

If you are ready for a new roof but are interested in all the stressors of filing an insurance claim for your brand-new roof, reach out to the professionals at Denver Roofing for a stress-free replacement and installation process!

Are Permits Required to Replace a Roof in Colorado?

An official permit is required when you are hoping to complete a replacement roofing project in Denver.

While the regulations and requirements for obtaining the permit per county, whenever you move any type of supporting structure, walls, plumbing, or electrical permitting is required.

Cultivating Safe Denver Roofs with Reputable & Regular Inspections

Suppose you are overdue for a roof inspection or have recently experienced storm damage that requires a legitimate roofing company in Denver, CO, to assist in the assessments, repair, and possible replacement. In that case, you can’t go with just any company offering free inspections.

Denver Roofing supplies free roof inspection and estimates to develop safer, more functional, and appealing roofing systems for homes and businesses in the Mile High City.

Call a Trusted Roofing Company in the Denver Metro Area

If you have been searching relentlessly for affordable roof estimates and honest inspections, call the experts at Denver Roofing. We are on your side!

Client Review Their Detailed Roof Inspection in Denver, CO

Best Roof Restoration Company in Castle Rock!

“Our old asphalt shingles weren’t holding up against the Colorado wilderness, and granules began pooling in our gutters.

I knew I needed to move fast, so I asked Rockaround for referrals from a roof inspection company near Castle Rock, CO.

Denver Roofing offered a professional roof inspection and thorough review to upgrade our shingles to better material options.

Their crew worked with my insurance agent throughout the entire process, and it couldn’t have been any easier for me!” – Gaston F.

Roof Damage Repairs on Our Commercial Properties in Littleton

“I run a business in Littleton, and while I have kept up with most of my property maintenance, I have neglected my roof and regular roof inspection.

Things finally reached a head when a hail storm hit, and I needed to have insurance pay for the roof repairs.

Denver Roofing provided a free inspection with excellent insights on how to improve our current roof.

Our business is now protected from the impending possibilities the Colorado weather may bring.” – Kayla S.

Updating Roofing Materials in Fort Collins, Colorado

“Our wood shake roof had been around for quite some time, but entering a roofing project is difficult when you have four kids to care for in Fort Collins.

With the temperatures dropping colder and the summers growing warmer, we figured it was time to see about installing a new roof or at least new shingles that would offer our family a greater defense.

After looking into different roofing companies, Denver Roofing offered a free roof inspection before we got started.

Their roofing services were absolutely fantastic! The roofers were highly professional and provided guidance and a clear line of communication throughout the entire roof replacement process!” – Amy M.

Free Roof Inspections in Parker and No Surprises!

“We had some roof damage at our home in Parker but were particularly worried about preventing roof leaks, possible mold growth, and drainage issues.

Denver Roofing’s roof and home inspector scheduled complimentary inspections.

Kfir arrived the next day, reviewed every aspect of our current roof, and provided his expert opinion on how to proceed with roof repair.

They cared incredibly for our roofing system, personal safety, and our continued expansion of our property. If you are looking for licensed roof inspection services, I recommend them!” – Garrett L.

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