The Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Roofing Options

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Colorado has always been at the forefront of environmental issues, and nowhere is this more evident than in the state’s home improvement and building industry.

It’s time to call a roofing company to discuss which materials will not only withstand Colorado’s extreme weather conditions but are also sustainable, eco-friendly, and will lessen your home’s carbon footprint.

At Denver Roofing & Construction, we provide reliable roof repair and installation services and are also well-versed in sustainable and eco-friendly roofing options.

Here is your guide to popular eco-conscious roofing materials and the benefits of sustainable roofing materials:

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What Are the Most Eco-Friendly Roofing Materials?

In addition to price, durability, ease of maintenance, and color options, Colorado homeowners must also consider roofing that will help reduce energy consumption and have a minimal impact on the environment. Here are four great options:

Metal Roofs

Not all metal roofs are created equally, so ensure your chosen system is manufactured from recycled materials.

Metal roofing systems are great at enhancing energy efficiency because they naturally reflect heat and light, which you will appreciate during a hot Colorado summer.

Metal roofing materials are an eco-friendly option, but they are also expensive. It is not uncommon for a metal roof to cost two to three times more than traditional roofs, including asphalt.

For this higher price tag, you will also get an energy-efficient system that lasts several decades.

Invest in a Cool Roof

A roofing material that is growing in popularity, cool roofs are perfect for homeowners who place reducing energy consumption at the top of their “must-have” list.

Cool roofing systems are made from a mixture of glue and gravel, and the lighter color of the system is intentional because it will naturally reflect light and heat.

A cool roof is a great sustainable roofing option if you live in the higher elevations around Denver.

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Recycled Shingles

Ask your roofing contractor about having a recycled roof installed on your Denver home. Many varieties of roofing materials can be rescued from Denver landfills and transformed into functional, aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly roofing.

From concrete tiles and asphalt shingles to old metal roofing tiles, you can create a beautiful, sustainable roofing system that has a minimal impact on Mother Nature’s dwindling natural resources.

Clay Tile Roofing

You love the look of a terra cotta roof, but did you also know that in addition to looking much more high-end than other roofing materials, clay tile roofing can substantially lower your energy costs?

If you are tired of rising heating and air conditioning costs, clay, slate tiles, and other natural materials are installed purposefully to vent air out of your home.

Another upside is that if one of the clay tiles is damaged, such as by roof hail damage, it can easily be replaced!

Want to Install Green Roofs in Denver? Avoid These Traditional Roofing Materials

After a free roof inspection, your roofing contractor provided several roofing solutions, including multiple green roof options.

Unfortunately, while several options will lower your energy usage and are far more sustainable, there are still some roofing materials that you should avoid:

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PVC Roofing

PVC is a long-lasting material; one upside for flat roofs is that you won’t have to replace the roof frequently. Unfortunately, when it comes to impacting Denver’s environment, the downsides outweigh the positives.

PVC, or vinyl, is manufactured with several noxious chemicals, including dioxin and chlorine.

Both of these chemicals are pollutants and, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, very dangerous for humans and animals.

Some Varieties of Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt is fire-resistant and inexpensive, making it one of the most popular roofing materials in the residential housing market. Unfortunately, when asphalt is not recycled, the product can take anywhere from 300 to 400 years to break down in a landfill.

If you are set on asphalt for your residential roofing project, ensure the product you install is made from recycled materials.

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The Benefits of Using Sustainable Roofing Materials

With the availability of sustainable materials in the roofing industry, it is not difficult to invest in a roofing system that is not only good for the environment but also great for your pocketbook. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing sustainable roofing materials:

Improve Air Quality

If you select roofing materials that are great for the environment, you are not only helping protect Mother Nature’s renewable resources, but you are also helping your family breathe easier.

For example, if you choose a green roof, vegetated roofs that are becoming wildly popular in Denver urban areas, you are reducing carbon dioxide levels in the air.

Reduction of the Urban Heat Island Effect

Have you noticed the temperatures in downtown Denver seem much higher than in the surrounding suburbs? You’re not imagining things – The urban heat effect is the culprit.

Certain sustainable roofing materials save energy, and their reflective nature can help lower the temps in your house and downtown Denver.

Building owners take note: if you want to reduce your impact and require commercial roofing services, the team at Denver Roofing & Construction can help.

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Lessen Your Home’s Carbon Footprint

Who doesn’t want to have a minimal carbon footprint? Do your part for the environment by installing a recycled or sustainable roof on your Denver property.

An Energy Efficient Roof Will Lower Your Heating and Cooling Costs

Energy costs are rising, and you are searching for as many ways as possible to lower your heating and air conditioning bills. All you need to do is look up at your roof and determine if it’s time to upgrade to a sustainable system.

If you need a roof replacement or want to learn more about the role roofing materials play in your home’s energy efficiency, our team is available to answer any questions.

Are Solar Panels Really Worth It in Denver, Colorado?

Solar roofs are growing in popularity, not just because solar panels allow you to efficiently generate electricity while lowering your home’s greenhouse gas emissions. Solar roofing can improve overall air quality, increase the value of your Denver home, and make you eligible for several tax incentives!

Want to “plant” a green roof? A solar roof deck makes the perfect stable environment to allow your plants to flourish and your area’s air quality to improve!

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People Also Ask

How do green roofs benefit the environment?

Green roofs benefit the environment in several ways. Installing a green roof on your Denver home will lessen your carbon footprint, minimize your energy dependence, and, in some cases, even improve Denver’s air quality!

If you want to learn more about which sustainable roofing materials are best for your Denver home, a representative will be happy to discuss any premier roofing options. 

What is sustainability in roofing?

Sustainability not only refers to how long the roof will last, but also the environmental impact of installing that roofing material. If your existing roof was recently damaged in a storm, contact us today to schedule a storm damage roof repair.

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