Roof Damage From Storm

Sorting Out Roof Storm Damage in Denver, CO

Storms in Denver can make you feel closer to the stratosphere, but at the exact moment, the lightning, snow, and hail can become so intense that it causes severe property damage.

When the weather conditions head South, your roofing systems are first exposed to falling rain, hail, sleet, and snow.

Parsing through fallen tree limbs and asphalt shingles that have found their way into your front lawn can be a meticulous process and sometimes devastating.

Recruit a Local Professional Roofing Contractor for Assistance

When you end up with roof storm damage, contacting a local agent who knows what to do and how to repair the roof offers you a moment of clarity and peace.

Damaged shingles from golf ball-sized hail and broken windows are all visible signs of these ailments for homeowners in Colorado.

Still, without a professional to visually assess the damages, you are left trying to pick up the pieces.

roof storm damage in denver

Roofing Companies Can Easily Identify Roof Damage

Licensed roofers are like homeowners guides to storm damage, and their crews are prepared for emergency roof repair in the event of extremely high winds, blizzards, or even tornados!

They can quickly inspect the roof damage and offer a quick and easy resolution to your troubles.

Denver Roofing is highly skilled, meticulously trained, and licensed roofers ready to fight against general storm damage and modern roof repairs.

Apparent Signs of Storm Damage

Most businesses and homeowners don’t walk around on roofs to assess their conditions.

But if you look up one day and notice your shingles are cracked, there is minor damage to your gutters, or something more significant – you must work with local roofers for a resolution and know the common signs to look out for after a storm.

damaged shingles after storm

Asphalt Shingles Cracking or Missing Shingles

High winds are never a good partner for roof shingles, which almost always result in roof repair. The wind can cause your roof shingles to tear, crack, and even peel off and fall away.

Sometimes, these shingles are lost in pairs, and other times, whole sections of your roof will fall. Either way, missing shingles are typically a direct result of wind and storms.

Clogged Gutters After Severe Storms

With any significant storm comes precipitation; whether frozen or not, it will rush your gutters, bringing in debris and causing things to back up and clog.

Roofing and siding companies are used to seeing clogging due to storm damage, dents in the gutters due to hail damage, etc. And if your gutters are damaged, other aspects of your roof may be, too.

water leak repairs in denver

Water Leaks & Water Stains

Other significant signs of storm damage are water leaking, water pooling, stains, discoloration, and even an ice dam!

All are traced back to water and moisture penetration, which can seriously damage your roof and even other areas of your property.

To avoid further damage and ensure you have proper drainage, contact the finest Denver roof repair company – Denver Roofing!

Roof Granule Loss

With shingles and asphalt roofs, granules can begin sifting off the shingles and drain into the gutter.

There will always be some granule loss on your roof, but storms, water damage, and wind can push things over the edge and wreak havoc on roofs.

If you notice a large number of granules in your gutter or downspout, you will want to contact local roof storm damage specialists.

severe damage repair

Severe Damage to Your Roof Valleys

Over the years, roof valleys can become damaged through exposure to the elements and storm damage.

Since it is a spot where two roof panels meet, it is also responsible for guiding water to its correct path in your gutters and drain spouts.

This also makes it easy for flying debris to get stuck within the crevasses, water damage within those areas, and the eventual breakdown of roofing materials.

How often is roof replacement needed in Colorado?

Sometimes, when you are suffering from continuous and extreme room storm damage, home and business owners have to face the facts and consider roof replacement.

If you are dealing with asphalt-style roofing or traditional wood, replacements are needed every 15 to 30 years.

But if you have a more stable roofing structure like metal and steel, you may not need to replace it for 50+ years.

colorado severe weather

Be Weary of Weather Conditions in Colorado

The type of storm and your roof’s materials both contribute to how roof storm damage can occur.

Keeping your eye on when severe weather is rolling in, considering reinforcements, coating, and developing a relationship with residential and commercial roofers in the Centennial State can help you remain knowledgeable about what storms can do and help to prevent roof storm damage from happening.

Wind Damage is Violent for Your Roof’s Surface

The winds blowing in from the Rockies can wreck your roof, but your materials are a significant part of the problem. Lighter roofing can crack and blow away much easier than heavier options.

Denver metal roofing companies suggest upgrading your roof’s materials to steel-reinforced metal panels or shingles to avoid wind damage.

structural damage

Heavy Rain & A Major Storm May Create Structural Damage

Rainy days can be excellent. You can snuggle up in your house and catch up on sleep, relax, chill out, and spend time with loved ones.

When that rain brings thunder and lightning, things can get a little tricky, especially when you need to worry about the health of your roof and siding.

In severe instances, heavy rains can do a number on your roofing systems, causing things to wear down, break, crack, leak, and, in extreme circumstances, even collapse.

Denver Roofing is an expert in protecting your roof from heavy storms!

Hail Damage Creates Obvious Damage on Your Home’s Roof & Roofing Materials

Hail storms don’t last forever but can create absolute chaos for your roof when they appear. Hail can bruise, dent, develop holes, sift missing granules, etc.

We are an elite roofing contractor, offering roof repairs, replacement, and coating options to keep your home’s roof safe from storms!

Can I file an insurance claim for a storm-damaged roof through my homeowners’ insurance company?

Different homeowners’ insurance policies provide different levels of coverage, and there are set rules to prove storm damage and file a claim.

With quality roofers, you can gain a legitimate roof estimate cost and the necessary documentation to submit your claim and ensure your home insurance works for you!

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Turn to a Trusted Roofing Contractor in Denver

Out of all the Colorado roofing companies you can choose, only one cultivates solutions for local homes and businesses and dedicates its time to creating more accessible roofing repairs and shelter from storm damage.

Denver Roofing is a locally owned and run business specializing in storm-damaged roofs, protecting roofs from storm damage, and routine upkeep for those roofs.

Denver Roofing: Colorado’s Specialists in Roof Storm Damage and Repairs

Before lightning strikes, contact the best roofing company in Denver to assist in reinforcing and coating your roof for protection.

Contact Denver Roofing for a free roof inspection, estimate, and consultation so rail, snow, and hail won’t leave dents in your roofing structure, and if they already have, our company can provide repair solutions and maintenance, too!

Reviews from Storm Damage Repair Customers

Sharon L.Best Roofing Contractors in Thornton, CO!

“Our home’s exterior and roof were recently destroyed by wind damage. I was worried about what my insurance company covers and how to find a reputable roofing contractor near me.

A close friend recommended Denver Roofing, and I am so glad they did because my entire roof looks brand new.

They could not have made things easier by providing everything needed to file with our insurance company!” – Sharon L.

Eric F.Roof Water Damage in Arvada

“Severe weather and cold temperatures throughout Arvada created ice dams and standing water on our roof, seeping through the roofing material.

We know there was a problem but didn’t assume severe damage until Denver Roofing provided their complimentary inspection.

We are incredibly thankful for their expertise with roof storm damage and experience in working with insurance adjusters.

With their help in roof and gutter repairs alongside coating, we never have to worry about temporary repairs, heavy rains, sleet, and snow again.” – Eric F.

Emily N.Reliable Roofing Systems Near Colorado Springs!

“Our roof had undergone many years of strong winds, hail damage, and general storm damages. So much so that things were at a point of no return, and we needed a new roof.

The Denver Roofing team upgraded our property with a metal roof, and now signs of storm damage are nowhere to be found!” – Emily N.

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