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With the wonders associated with Denver, CO, with the Rocky Mountains on the horizon, trees, streams, and beautiful people, it is difficult to see any downsides to living in the Mile High City.

The natural landscapes that sit outside and throughout the town remain the same.

Still, communities continue to evolve, and homeowners are becoming more analytical and creative with roofing solutions!

Energy efficiency and eco-friendly options seem to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind, but understanding how to go about making that upgrade with a professional installation or replacement process is the best place to start.

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The Introduction of an Energy-Efficient Roof Can Lower Your Yearly Energy Consumption

Locating the perfect residential roofing materials is essential for Colorado homeowners.

With fluctuating temperatures, storms, and natural surroundings constantly impacting the condition of your roof and indoor temperatures, superior durability and efficiency are critical.

Before determining your current roof’s ability to withstand hail, high wants, and hot transfer, knowing your options in roofing materials offers a better ground for residents to stand on.

With energy-efficient supplies available for a total roof replacement or installation process, Denverties can soak up loads of benefits!

Energy-Efficient Roofing Systems Help to Lower Energy Costs

Most of the roofs developed across the country are stuck in the past, left behind with poor design and varying maintenance requirements.

Energy-efficient options offer high solar reflectance and reliable ventilation options to the user.

This allows them to resist heat transfer, the leaking of hot air into the home, and even a line of defense against the customers’ utility companies, helping to reduce energy costs!

Save Money with Reduced Energy Bills

So, instead of turning your air conditioning on and off all day long, the roofing system acts as a force to be reckoned with for the property.

With energy-efficient roofing material, you can flip the air conditioning systems off and allow them to assist your roof in insuring the household.

They offer the proper insulation to regulate indoor temperatures and high solar reflectance, so you aren’t spending a fortune at the end of every month!

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Green Roofing Material Options are Eco-Friendly

With sustainable roofing material options, residents are also contributing to bettering their environments while securing a more stable future for the community.

Investing in energy-efficient roofs reduces energy consumption and, as a domino effect, helps the world around you!

With climate change impacting the Denver neighborhoods at an all-time high, it is time to combat the changes ahead with different choices in our roofing material.

Picking Out the Right Roofing Material for the Future

Metal roofs, tile roofing, and slate roofing are all popular options to take a more conscious step to benefit yourself and the world around you.

Going green prevents heat buildup in the immediate surroundings and will push Denver toward a brighter future!

An Energy-Efficient Roofing System Offers Better Protection from Solar Radiation

There are a few key factors that cannot be ignored when living in Denver: being closer to the sun and in the middle of crazy and sometimes unexpected weather patterns.

While this often reveals the sun on even the dreariest days, it will undoubtedly impact your cooling costs throughout the year.

It also will project dangerous UV rays at local roofing structures, which can result in the need for repairs and replacement.

With energy-efficient roof options, the materials will kick those rays right back at the sky and away from the property!

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When Choosing Roofing Materials, Consider Their Ability to Withstand Extreme Weather Conditions in Colorado

As far as the weather goes, tons of households across the Front Range are impacted by hail damage, roof repair needs, high winds, or severe storm damage to the system.

With the chaos that can ensue following a storm and the damage it can do to the average Denver roof, energy efficiency, durability, and impact-resistance materials are the only things that will hold up amidst the changing weather and temperature patterns.

Exploring These Roofing Materials Supplies Sufficient Ventilation

Don’t forget about ventilation when looking for more energy-efficient options for the home. Reliable ventilation will help keep the heat that usually ends up in the attic from happening!

Attics can nearly double in temperature without investing in energy-efficient roofs.

Still, when you alter the materials, the heat suddenly has somewhere else to go due to legitimate ventilation systems.

Colorado Homeowners are Moving Away from Traditional Roofing Materials

Now is the time to look past the original wooden shingles and shift focus to energy efficiency for every household in the Mile High State.

Homeowners have to consider their landscape and surroundings, the changes in the climate, and other significant factors that may influence the structure.

The sun is intense, snow can come plowing through, and hail is almost always expected, so combining these factors with a solution offers residents a new opportunity for living.

A licensed roofing contractor in Denver can help install new asphalt shingles, new metal roofs, green roofs, or any energy-efficient materials the household wants to explore!

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Metal Roofing Options Have Gained Traction for Denver Homeowners

Metal roofs and metal shingles are some of the most popular options across Colorado.

Metal roofing provides lower energy costs, remains durable in the face of extreme weather, and is a stunning exterior for Colorado homes.

This remains one of the most efficient options for residential homes across the country, plus they require little to no maintenance. These roofing options offer additional benefits:

  • Solar reflectance to keep the home cool.
  • Affordable installation process.
  • Safe and secure properties.
  • Fire-resistance.
  • Extended lifespans, and more!

Tile Roofs are an Amazing, Energy Efficient Roofing Material

Tile roofing is another fan favorite in Colorado as it offers defense from extreme temperatures and changes in the climate. Tile roofs provide the following advantages to Coloradans:

  • Durability to general scratches, staining, fading, hail damage, and moisture.
  • Simple maintenance.
  • Tile roofing is a heat-repellant and will keep the property cool.
  • Tiles are not expensive, and the installation procedures are easy.
  • Sourcing your tile roofing from sustainable materials like clay tiles allows residents to focus on energy efficiency and greener surroundings!

eco friendly slate roofing

Slate Roofing Materials are Beautiful & Energy Friendly

Unlike tile roofs, slate has quickly become one of the best roofing materials for Denver homeowners. These structures last well over 50 years and are known to surpass 100!

The slate will not corrode, is impact- and storm-resistant, and can be installed in different styles and colors for aesthetic purposes. Slate roofs will require a more considerable investment from residents interested.

Still, they are one of the most low-maintenance roofing supplies and require little to no repairs throughout their lifespan.

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Asphalt Shingles Remain a Reliable Solution in Energy-Efficiency for Colorado Homeowners

Asphalt shingles are a more traditional option widely known because they have established quite a reputation for themselves.

These materials are incredibly cost-effective for homeowners looking for solid roofing with asphalt shingles through the seasons!

Asphalt shingles offer energy efficiency to household members and the following comforts that every home deserves:

  • There are many design options, including color, size, dimension, etc.
  • With extensive color options, the user can choose between dark and lighter colors to further reduce their energy consumption throughout the year.
  • Impact resistance options are available to resist extreme winds, storms, snow, and hail.
  • Algae resistance.
  • Simple repairs.
  • And asphalt is one of the most recycled materials across Denver, CO, and the rest of the United States!

energy efficiency roofing faq's

FAQS About Energy Efficient Roofing Materials in Denver, CO

Are cool roofs the same thing as energy-efficient roofs?

Cool roofs are designed to offer a natural surface that helps to reflect the sunlight and sun’s heat.

This ensures that the roofing materials aren’t succumbing to heat buildup and helps create new energy efficiency for the system and the rest of the property.

Cool roofing materials are one of the many types of energy-efficient roofs and can easily be categorized as such!

Is it more expensive to have a professional roofing contractor install energy-efficient roofing materials?

Investing in the right roofing materials will save you money in the long run, and it sure beats aimlessly searching for roof repair near me or a roof replacement before the structure’s time.

Energy-efficient roofing systems can cost more upfront upon installation. Still, when you look at the costs over time, you will save yourself from a lot of unnecessary spending.

When you invest in these kinds of roofing materials, you will see energy savings from 20 to 40%! Additional rebates and tax benefits are often available to Denver homeowners installing green roofs.

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What do local roofing contractors consider the most energy-efficient roofing option in Denver?

If your household is in the market for a roof replacement or building a new place that needs a reliable new roof to top things off, securing the best roofing materials is the only option!

In Centennial State, metal roofing is the most popular roofing material and is the most energy-efficient choice.

It didn’t gain popularity as opposed to all other roofing materials overnight; metal roofs have established a positive reputation for Coloradans.

What is the best energy-efficient roof material for snow?

Colorado sees sunlight year-round, but it is also exposed to quite a bit of snow, especially for those living outside of the city.

Preparing the structure for the snowfall of winter months is easier when you have a suitable roofing material.

Metal roofing remains on top of things for you and can supply sufficient protection from heavy snow loads, melting snow, ice, and lingering moisture buildup.

Metal is best known for its strength and durability, but you can also consider asphalt and slate roofs!

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What are reflective roofing materials?

Many modern Colorado roofs are created using reflective roofing materials, but not all residents know what they are or can do.

They are one of the most common means of defending people and their households against the weight of the sun, which can impose significant damage to a roofing structure and slowly increase the temperatures inside the space.

A reflective roofing material provides energy efficiency to properties across Denver, helping to cool the space and restricting the impact of the sun.

They advance the percentage of sun rays and UV light that can be absorbed through the structure by reflecting the light.

Choosing the Best Roofing Materials is Easy with a Local Roof Company

If you are looking to combine cost savings with low-cost repairs, minimal maintenance, and new heights of energy efficiency within Colorado homes, then scheduling a professional roof inspection with local experts is the first step to securing the right materials for a property.

Between metal, slate, and many other roofing materials, new energy-efficient options continue to grow and evolve, so this process is easy to complete with the help of knowledgeable roofing specialists in Denver.

Contact Denver Roofing for a Free Estimate on New Roofing Possibilities

Our Denver roof company is committed to bringing a comprehensive choice for you and the rest of the family so every household can reduce their energy costs and avoid costly repairs.

Get started reviewing your roofing material options and developing new energy-friendly options for your property!

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