The Evolution of Roofing Styles in Colorado History

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Urban and rural areas throughout the Denver metroplex have expanded, changed, rearranged, and continue to grow.

Within those communities are homes, some historic and others newly constructed or renovated, but Colorado’s past has influenced all.

The Centennial state is rich in history, and the structures and roofing throughout the city today is an evolution of what previously existed in the area, some of which have been preserved to this day!

original roof iconThe Original Roofing Designs for Residential Structures in Colorado

From the time the railroad entered Colorado, gold fever was running at an all-time high, and houses were created to offer protection from the elements.

With early settlers in the 1800s, you could find log cabin homes, sod structures, and colonial and adobe houses!

These pushed forward as residents in the Denver area began to take notice of gothic, craftsman, and even Art Deco architectural styles.

Residential roofing materials have made their own kind of changes through the years, and as buildings and homes could be built with mass-produced materials, things began to change significantly.

history of wood shingles

history of wood shinglesThe History of Wood Shingles

Wood roofing was one of the first style options for homeowners in Colorado. While it didn’t necessarily offer fire resistance, natural materials were available to provide essential wind and rain protection.

Wood shingles are one of the quintessential signs of original roofs in the Mile High City, and their natural beauty is preserved by communities today.

There wasn’t ready access to Denver roof repairs, so homeowners often relied on their skills with building materials to fix damages and make replacements to buildings as needed.

Stone-Coated Steel Transitions

As roof options began to evolve, homeowners realized that storm damage repair would likely be a prevalent part of maintaining their architecture and roofing structure.

The integration of nature and emphasis on the natural world is seen throughout the home styles in Colorado.

Stone-coated steel roof structures offered enhanced durability for homes and shared buildings to withstand the Colorado winters, hail, and other storms rolling through the Rockies!

tile roofing materials iconTile Roofing Materials

Spanish-style architecture remains highly popular for homes and roofing in Denver, CO. Nowadays, tile options available for roof replacement projects are much more expansive than they once were.

There are just about any shape, size, and color that you can dream of, and this can be adapted and fully customized to ensure it is upgrading the home’s curb appeal.

The tiles acted as a defense shield for homes and buildings across the front range and became a fine example for future roofing material options.

modern roofing project denver

The Transition of Modern Architecture & External Influences

Before finding the best roofing materials in Denver, homeowners must understand what worked and what didn’t.

Even though wood roofing is no longer the go-to, these components’ influence on modern roofs’ evolution is undeniable.

There is so much that we can take from the past and learn from so we can avoid mistakes and costly repairs and build off of the positives!

Things like clay tiles and tile roofing style have helped give way to asphalt shingles and provide additional options for better durability and longevity.

The transition into newer roof alternatives continues to unveil itself, and experts within the industry persist in their efforts to find the next best solution for Colorado homes and neighborhoods.

But it is entirely up to you what will work best and whether or not preserving the history of roofs or finding beauty in the wins and failures is right for your household!

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asphalt shingles iconAsphalt Shingles in the Contemporary Roofing Industry

An asphalt shingle once changed the way residents throughout the nation looked at roofing options and is now one of the most widely used roofing material options.

Understanding the anatomy of your roof has thoroughly played into the ways people have chosen to make changes throughout the years, and it will continue to impact choices into the future!

Asphalt shingles are energy-efficient for roofs across Colorado, allowing homes and buildings to maintain their structure and keep everyone under that roof safe.

slate roofing denver

Slate Roof Options

Slate roofing elements have grown in popularity, and they seem to offer a reflection of what was previously seen in stone-coated steel roofing options. This is a very durable roofing material similar to the traditional asphalt shingle.

Still, it supplies nearly a century of coverage, and the longevity of every roof matters with the change in climate and storms.

These conditions have forced residents to consider better maintenance for their roofs, and procedures like roof coating are often utilized for flat roofs and built-up roofing systems by commercial businesses.

clay tiles iconClay Tiles Persist on Spanish Residential Architecture

A tile roof is historic, and clay tile remains an active material for roofing systems in Denver! Like wood roofs once did, clay tile brings in textures, dimensions, and a nod to the natural world.

The only downside is the nature of its weight, as the clay tile can be very heavy for a roof, and homeowners will need to consult with professionals before construction begins.

Concrete Tile Construction

There are plenty of tiles available to utilize for new roofing structures, and concrete is yet another option.

Concrete is known for its strength as it will actively protect from roof hail damage, like many of the tiles developed for modern buildings in Colorado!

Durability has always remained one of the main concerns in the development of newer roof materials and installations, and this will continue to evolve. Hence, it suits the roof it is meant for.

Metal commercial roofing

metal roofing iconMetal Roofing Materials Offer Protection & Aesthetic Appeal

Metal roofing has become the contemporary choice for roofs in Denver, CO, as it suits the modern aesthetics of homes and provides a legitimate means of protection for the household.

It may not suit a historic colonial-style house, but it offers a new improved flexibility, durability, longevity, and beauty. Metal is currently checking all the boxes for the average home in the city.

As our communities move forward, there will continue to be additional roof materials that provide even more advancements!

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People Also Ask

What was usually used for roofs before shingles?

Shingles are the go-to currently, and asphalt shingles are the most popular. But before shingles were on the scene, wood was generally the most widely used material for building a roof because it was a highly accessible and natural material.

Wood options also fit the style of homes much better in the past, and climate change wasn’t as prevalent nor such a significant concern as it is today.

What were roofs generally developed within the 1960s?

Flat roofs were the “it” style in the sixties! It is hard to believe, as they don’t offer the best drainage systems, but this is something residents in Denver had to figure out the hard way.

Flat roofs also exited the scene quickly, specifically for residential homes, and now they are most commonly utilized with commercial structures and budlings in Denver, CO. They often used wood, natural trees for timber, and concrete to form and finalize the structure.

How long will a roof last in Denver, CO?

A roof’s lifespan depends heavily on its structural integrity, the installation process, repairs completed as necessary, maintenance, and material.

If you aren’t putting energy into its upkeep, the lifespan is doomed to decrease. However, most roofs will last anywhere from 15 years and up to 30 years.

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What is the best roof to install in Colorado?

There isn’t necessarily one best roof for every kind of structure; it is up to you and a licensed roof expert to make this decision.

It is always a good idea to complete a full consultation with professionals before determining the most suitable materials for a new structure. Currently, metal roofs are seen as the best option for Coloradans.

This offers residential houses superior and practical defenses from the extreme weather of the natural environment, helps with solar reflection and lowering those pesky energy bills, and provides a long lifespan with little to no effort from the owner!

roof material types

current roofing systemCurrent Roofing Systems are a Reflection of the Past

Creating new ways of doing things in construction, housing, and roofing development will continue as Denverites move through life.

It is a form of advancement, and simplicity and sustainability are crucial to building the right roof in the coming days.

Contact our local roofing professionals if you are interested in new installation or new roofing materials to enhance the structure’s aesthetics, upgrading your Colorado house while still giving a nod to the architecture and design that came before.

Where Will Roofing Materials Take Us to Next?

Building a roof in the future may not be exactly what it once was, nor will it suit the style of construction showcased today.

But with licensed professionals offering free roof inspections, homeowners have access to the most incredible method of support when exploring the future of their homes and roofs!

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