How to Detect and Address Roof Hail Damage in Denver

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One of the most damaging weather phenomena across the Front Range is hail.

No one can run from it, creating unique challenges for Denver residents.

Homeowners and families remain protected by the roofs over their heads.

Still, those same structures are the first line of defense against these weather conditions, leaving them vulnerable to hail damage and continued issues.

roof hail damage in denver

Assessing Roof Hail Damage in the Mile-High

If you suspect hail damage or other structural issues on your roof, a visual inspection is a quick and straightforward way to determine the cause.

However, there are blatantly obvious signs of hail impact and things that may be left unchecked when working with the untrained eye.

It can be challenging to spot damage or resolve issues without the proper knowledge, tools, and preparation for examining roofing material.

Minor damage is not always immediately apparent, so an accurate assessment of the home’s exterior and interior spaces is essential to maintaining the property.

The Effects of Colorado Hail on Roofing Materials

Many across the Denver metro area have seen the devastating effects of hail on property, totaling cars and pushing homeowners to file insurance claims due to broken windows and damaged roofing.

It is difficult to deny how greatly hail damage can impact lives.

Hail can create granule loss, large cracks, punctures, broken asphalt shingles, or more extensive issues and structural problems.

From Minor to Extensive Damage: Differentiating the Severity of Hail Damage

Together, wind and hail can cause major problems, as wind determines the extent of hail damage and necessary repairs.

Knowing the size of hail within the storm will also contribute to damage and offer a comprehensive guide to any potential hazards to which the roofing structure may have been exposed.

Determining the extent of that damage often requires expert guidance from a professional roofer to locate effective solutions.

shingle roof hail damage

Addressing Hail Damage Properly

When telltale signs of hail damage are observed, promptly addressing the need for more significant roof repairs is critical.

These storms can cause everything from missing granules to mold growth and damage chimneys and venting systems, leading to water infiltration in the home.

These problems spread like wildfire and can put the entire structure at risk without the proper inspection or repairs.

Without immediate attention, there is no way to keep roofing materials in optimal condition!

Don’t Overlook the Signs of Broken or Damaged Shingles

With anywhere from three to five hail storms throughout the year and those numbers rapidly rising, homeowners cannot ignore the possibility of roof hail damage to the underlying material.

One of the more visible signs of roof damage after a hail storm are broken, cracked, and loose shingles.

It can actually weaken the seal integrity, which can lead to the shingles breaking away and falling off.

When you spot this kind of damage, it is imperative to schedule a professional inspection for a more in-depth examination of the roofing structure.

Assessing Missing Shingles & Other Visible Damage

Missing or hail-damaged shingles should be repaired or replaced as quickly as possible.

With a highly experienced team of roofing professionals, the crew can provide a safe, comprehensive inspection and work with insurance coverage providers for a speedy resolution!

protect your home roof in denver

Protecting Your Investment & Avoiding Costly Repairs

Taking proactive steps to maintain the overall value and safety of roofing structures, Denver homeowners must pay close attention.

Requesting expert advice can help residents navigate hail damage when present and provide insight on how to file insurance claims to fix the hail impact that has been left behind.

Ensure Structural Integrity with a Professional Roofing Company

Continuous roof inspections in Denver are the easiest way to avoid potential damage from Colorado’s wind, hail, and storms.

With roofing experts, homeowners can avoid incurring additional repairs, remain informed, and strengthen their current roof structure against serious storm damage.

The Long-Term Implications of Avoiding a Legitimate Hail Damage Assessment

Filing an insurance claim following storm damages isn’t always the most exciting task to take on.

While the idea can feel frustrating, the longer things are put off, the less likely your insurance company will cover them

Granule loss can quickly become missing shingles, and a small crack can eventually become something much more prominent if ignored for too long!

mold grow on roof

Mold Growth May Develop Beyond the Surface of Your Asphalt Shingles

Turning the other cheek to significant damage caused by hail, wind, or snow can lead to mold and even algae growth on the roof.

This can push the materials to rot and begin decomposing, which contributes to an unreliable roofing structure.

It will begin to wear away at the surrounding structure, creating an unsteady and compromising situation for all household members.

Minor Hail Damage May Result in Further Damage

The impact of extreme weather conditions may only appear as a disturbance in aesthetics, but a small dent may be a sign of something that needs immediate repairs.

Failure to make repairs can lead to any of the following issues in the long term:

  • Water damage to the roof and home.
  • Roof structural issues and deterioration.
  • Increased energy costs.
  • Decreased lifespan for the roof and home value.
  • UV damage due to missing or broken shingles.

roof replacement needed

Knowing When a Roof Replacement is Necessary

One hail storm will not require a new roof replacement, but when the roof is exposed to many, it can cause severe and irreversible damage.

Assessing the need for replacements versus repairs is simple with roofing pros, as they can complete a full surface inspection for possible rotting, mold, and water damage.

Gaining the help of experts allows Denver homeowner-licensed support throughout the decision-making process, and it can make the claims process much easier to bear.

Walking Through Insurance Claims as a Result of Roof Hail Damage

When significant repair needs exist, or there is enough damage to require a complete roof replacement, the idea of an insurance claim can feel overwhelming.

Follow this guide to file a successful claim with your insurance provider:

  • Contact insurance specialists as soon as the damage occurs.
  • Document all damages.
  • Request a formal inspection.
  • Meet with the insurance adjuster.
  • Submit all necessary documentation requested.
  • Await your insurance claim approval!

prevent and protect

Hail Damage Prevention and Protection

While Denverites cannot control the weather patterns, they can remain prepared for the impact of weather on roofing materials with the proper knowledge and roofing contractor.

Residents seek solutions before the storm occurs, as hail is always expected in the Centennial State.

From impact-resistant material options to regular maintenance and roof inspections, homeowners can take charge of their own safety, security, and all the comforts their home and roof should provide!

Fortifying the Roof with Impact-Resistant Roofing Materials

All roofing materials are rated according to their durability, strength, general lifespan, and impact resistance.

To avoid compromised structural integrity, Colorado homeowners must dig into modern, sustainable roofing material options.

Impact-resistant roofs can withstand the storms experienced across the Rocky Mountains and provide additional benefits to homeowners in the area!

  • Resistance to fire.
  • Extended longevity and lifespan.
  • A healthy ROI and property value enhancement.
  • Significant durability.
  • Eco-friendly and energy efficient.
  • Cost savings for energy bills, potential repairs, and early replacement.
  • Security and total peace of mind for yourself and your family!

metal roofing solutions in denver

Metal Roofing Remains a Durable Defense Against Hail Damage

Metal roofing materials are one of the more popular material options throughout Denver and the rest of Colorado.

They are both beautiful aesthetically and provide security to residential properties across the city and suburbs!

With metal roofing, homeowners have additional protection due to the sheer strength and durability of the material.

You are essentially guaranteed shelter throughout the storm, whether hail, rain, or snow falls from the sky.

It provides the perfect defense against any cracking, tearing, or punctures and offers residents supreme protection against the natural elements.

Continued Maintenance and Roof Inspections with Local Pros

The most critical line of defense against the Colorado elements is regular roof inspections with premiere roofing experts.

Homeowners must schedule routine inspections at least twice annually, preferably following any severe storm, to ensure a healthy roof structure.

Every property owner must commit to maintenance. Still, given the weather’s unpredictability and the high probability of hail, working with professionals on these matters is essential.

Maintenance can resolve potential problems before they become more catastrophic, and roofers can make repairs so your roof is better prepped for the possibility of hail.

Remaining informed and an active participant in maintenance and inspections allows Denver homeowners to stay proactive against the possibility of damage!

hail on denver rooftops

Don’t Allow Hail Damage to Wreak Havoc on Your Home’s Structure

While hail is only frozen water falling from the clouds, it can cause detrimental damage to a home’s roof.

Every Denver homeowner must be prepared to face it, and when damage occurs, it must be addressed promptly by the right roofing company.

Coloradans are no strangers to the dangers imposed by hail season, but having access to a professional inspection through licensed roofers can help!

Trust the Experts for Assistance with Prompt Repairs & Replacement

Our Denver roofing professionals are licensed and insured specialists familiar with how hail can damage roofs in the Mile High City.

Contact our experienced team of roofers to remain proactive and prepared for hail storms. Let our crew complete the necessary repairs to keep the structure in pristine condition!

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